I'm not a Pinterest Photographer

Who doesn't love Pinterest? The countless wedding ideas, DIYs, recipes, and I mean the list goes on and on! I would spend all of my spare time pinning pictures of ideas for posing my clients. I recently realized that it has actually become a crutch for me during my photo sessions and before I know it, a couple session turns into a frustrating session of trying to duplicate someone else's work. A majority of the pins on Pinterest are real moments that the photographer captured during the session. Your photos should be original and different, not the latest trending pin that has been recreated a million times.

If you want your engagement/couple session to be solely Pinterest based then I'm not the photographer for you. I'm not a Pinterest photographer. There is a tremendous difference between referencing Pinterest for posing ideas and coming to a session with a list of Pins demanding that the photographer duplicate another artist's creative moment and the natural chemistry between two people in love. Clients should trust the photographer's creative vision. Part of what you pay for in hiring professional creative services is the artist's creativity. As a photographer, I can only direct and pose a couple to a certain extent without it looking too posed or unnatural.

Couples should naturally have chemistry and be able to interact without much directing. However, I do understand that not all couples are comfortable enough to show their chemistry in front of the camera. What I would recommend for couples that don't feel comfortable is practice posing at home together in front of the mirror or anything that will make you two feel more at ease. Not all Pinterest couple poses are suited for all couples. Bringing a pin of a couple being free and playful will not work in real life posing with a couple that is stiff and serious without some sort of practice beforehand. Photo sessions are give and take, you as a couple have to give the photographer something to work with. Don't show up to a session without having put any thought into outfit choices and what compliments your features or practicing poses that feel and look good to you two. In return, I as the photographer's job is to create a comfortable environment that will help the couple feel at ease and give the couple photos that they will love and cherish for years to come. 

During the session, you can think about why you love your significant other and focusing on the positive and even hilarious moments you both have shared together can create a more comfortable feeling and produce those visible, sincere expressions of love. Unless you both are models, actors, or share a tangible chemistry, you cannot expect to recreate the romantic pictures that make it famous on Pinterest. There is nothing wrong with going to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, but don't let it take over your session.

Photographers have such beautiful and creative minds. The excitement they feel when a couple wants to book them for a shoot is indescribable because they know that couple wants them for their work and expertise. Don't limit what they can create by overloading them with pins from Pinterest and not letting them have free reign. Trust the photographer and their vision because they want to capture the most candid, loving moments that make up your own personal love story!